The shining star of the Mediterranean, Alanya, is the perfect tourist destination with its long, sandy beaches, historical artifacts, natural beauty, fish restaurants, contemporary hotels, cafés, bars and discos.

Alanya is a touristic center on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, 135 kilometers east of Antalya. The city of Alanya is a large town on the seacoast. To the east and west of Alanya lie inviting turquoise seas fringed by extensive golden beaches. The magnificent Taurus Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop to this enchanting resort. Crowning the headland is a sprinkling of Citadel towers and just below is a delightful harbour guarded by the Red Tower, an unusual building. Adjacent to the tower are the dockyards where five vessels could be worked on at a time. Next to the dockyards is a tower called Tophane Kule, where cannons were cast during Ottoman times. Nearby close to the seashore is a cave called Damlatas. The large popular resort center of Alanya lies at one end of a rocky promrntory which just out into the Mediterrenaen between two long sandy beachs.

An unprecedented shipyard and monumental Kizil Kule is the worth seeing historical places beside of the impressive castle. Summit of the Alanya peninsula where the castle is most behold place to have panoramic Alanya scenery. There are cafes and restaurants there servicing for the people who want to enjoy this magical scenery. In gift shops carefully made souvenirs and ornamentals will make your day unforgettable as well as restaurants and cafes. Alanya observation terrace is visually attractive place again for to have this panoramic view. You can also have an extra comfort by using the cafes and restaurants services in the terrace. Apart from watching the panoramic view from the terrace you also can have a picnic on green fragrant gardens.

Cafés are surrounding Alanya harbor and those cafes are creating decent day and night pleasures to you. Along the harbor road you will find boutiques are selling textile, leather, jewelry and local color bedeck gourds. On the way to harbor you find the painters and those painters can make your portrait or any picture you want on their stands. If you are one of the cave explorer you must visit Dimcay cave and Damlatas. Next to the Damlatas cave you will find Alanya ethnography museum. Daily boat trips are taking you to 3 different caves and those caves are with phosphorescent rocks Fosforlu cave(phosphorous Cave), Asiklar cave(Lovers Cave) and Kizlar cave(Girls Cave) where the pirates are used to kept women captive. Dimcay valley at north of Alanya is indispensable relaxing area for the people in hot Mediterranean summers. In that valley away from the heat you can relax in shaded shelters, swim in the cold water of Dimcay river and test the delicious fish in restaurants which built in harmony with the nature.

Alanya did many comprehensive studies for its residents and visitors, it is still developing it selves for to give better service. Along the beach line in Alanya there are paving stones decorated walking path. Public green parks by the beach has shaded sitting areas for the people who wants to rest after hiking, some of those green parks equipped with the sports equipment and some of those parks has pool. Alanya referred where the sun is smiling to people in Mediterranean with its long sandy beaches. Typical Mediterranean town Alanya has at least 300 sunny days in a year and rarely the temperature gets less than 10°.

Alanya is one of the most attractive tourist destination with its exceptional scenery and historical places. Harmony of the modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere in Alanya takes millions tourists to this region all year around. Reasonable prices, hot Mediterranean weather, long and sandy beaches, historical places and reach Turkish cuisine takes tourists attention to this region. Surfing, parasailing, jet skiing are some the sportive activities on Alanya beaches. Night clubs, bars, restaurants and live music clubs are offering exciting night life to the tourists in Alanya. Tourism industry makes 1.2 billion euros every year and this %10 of the national tourism income however this region also famous with its banana groves.

Alanya is a beautiful holiday center of modern hotels and motels, numerous fish restaurants and cafes and bars. There are twisting narrow alleyways tempting shoppers with their colourful boutiques and stalls of cheese-cloth dresses, carpets, copper and jewellery.

As well as its cultural and historical sights, Alanya has an unbeatable beach life too. Beautiful sandy Cleopatra beach lies to the west of the resort while the fine sands of Alanya beach stretch to the east. A good range of water-sports are available too. The nightlife is easy-going and relaxed with a wide choice of night-spots located at the edge of town. Take your pick from lively bars to late-night discos for real night-owls.


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