Kepez Social Facilities and Picnic Ground

Antalya, 07192 Döşemealtı/Antalya, Türkiye


An elaborately designed picnic ground including some entertaining and relaxing social facilities.

Kepez Municipality is located in the north of Antalya city center. Kepez Belediyesi Sosyal Tesisleri ve Piknik Alanı ( Kepez Municipality Social Facilities and Picnic Ground ) is one of the top visited picnic spots in Antalya. One of the reasons why this area is popular is that the picnic ground is located inside the nature of woods ( city forest ) . Another reason is about its altitude. The location of the picnic ground is a bit higher than the city center. This provides the picnic ground a cleaner, cooler and more fresh air.

In Kepez Municipality Social Facilities and Picnic Ground, you can find benches, tables, barbeque stoves, water, WC, market, car park and well lighted paths. Especially on Sundays, it is not easy to find a wide area to have picnic as it is so crowded due to the day-offs of almost all citizens. On weekdays, the area is more quiet when compared to the weekends.

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october, 2021

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